Feel at home on holiday 

When we were planning our 5 chalets, we wanted our guests to feel at home. We really think we’ve achieved this aim, thanks to the welcoming ambience, enhanced and made warm by the prevalent use of wood and underfloor heating; due also to the general spaciousness and the presence of household appliances that are essential nowadays (microwave, dishwasher and washing machine), as well as the privacy enjoyed by our guests made possible by the layout of the various chalets.


In contact with nature

Those who come to the mountains and choose the campsite are often looking for a more direct contact with nature. This is why all our chalets are single storey and look out over a field, which is ideal for sunbathing, for children’s games, or for sitting at the picnic table eating a mixed grill prepared on one of the barbeques available for guests. All this is set against the magnificent backdrop of Monte Rosa and the other peaks surrounding the site.


Why we named our chalets after the 5 elements

According to the five elements theory, the individual and his/her surrounding environment are continuously changing as they follow the eternal cycles. The continual changes in these cycles are part of nature and contribute to maintaining the equilibrium. The same applies for the body: cells grow and then die, leaving space for new cells. Living beings depend on these cycles, which involve the mind, the body and the spirit and influence health and the energy flows which alternate during a lifetime. We decided to give our five chalets the names of the five elements of the Chinese horoscope (Water, Metal, Fire, Earth and Wood) because the mountains are the main place for observing these changes in nature and to appraise the benefits for our bodies. The seasons are the first external example of the 5 forces which alternate cyclically on nature; in the winter (water), the life force withdraws into itself, in spring (wood) everything begins to grow, in summer (fire) everything flowers and in late summer (earth) everything matures and comes to fruition; in autumn (metal) the forces return to the earth. Each element is generated by another, which in turn generates the next, just as Spring arrives after a period of winter rest and the explosion of its generating force announces the arrival of Summer.




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