Wellness Centre “The five elements”


The Wellness Centre is the ideal place for our clients to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of regenerating rest and relaxation by getting on the same wavelength with the 5 Chinese elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal, leading to physical as well as mental benefits after a day spent skiing or walking through the woods in the mountains. The Centre has a Finnish sauna made of Nordic pine with chromotherapy, a steam bath with a star-studded ceiling and an emotional shower with cold mist and tropical rain and a relaxation area.



A Scandinavian custom, the sauna ensures health and longevity for the body, psychic wellbeing and a sense of peace and relaxation, all at the same time. The sauna uses dry heat and a high temperature (80-110°C) to induce intense sweating, which opens up the pores to eliminate toxins, improves muscle tone and provides clear cardiovascular benefits. The sauna’s dry atmosphere is ideal for alleviating arthritic and rheumatic pain and for strengthening the immune system, thus preventing the onset of inflammation, influenza and colds.


Chromotherapy: the recovery achieved by bathing in coloured light is comparable to that of deep sleep.


Steam bath

Due to their invigorating and relaxing properties, steam baths are one of the best therapies for combating the stress and tension we undergo every day; they are also a pleasant way of improving one's physical appearance and seeking greater efficiency. Steam baths may be taken at any age and are an excellent way of regulating blood pressure and are an essential therapeutic and preventive tool for respiratory tract disorders. The whole experience is heightened by diffused music and sounds and by the star-studded ceiling which activate the mind, thereby harmoniously achieving psychophysical relaxation.


Emotional shower

Due to the nebulised and aromatised water, the cold misting technique creates a revitalizing effect and the tropical rain technique is guaranteed by the drops of aromatised water. The whole experience is enhanced by the ever-present chromotherapy.


Relaxation area

The relaxation area is where you can allow body and mind to float away while lying on comfortable ergonomic, tilting loungers, soothed by the relaxing background music, or slowly sipping a healthy tisane to rehydrate your body.


Wellbeing course (45 min.)

* Mycotic disinfection

* Shower (1)

* 10 min. in the Sauna

* Emotional shower (Cold mist) or cold shower

* 10 min. of relaxation

* 15 min. in the Steam bath

* Emotional shower (Cold mist or Tropical rain, take your pick)

* 10 min. relaxation with a tisane


(1) You will go into the sauna nicely warmed up, after a shower, with clean, dry skin, with no oils or creams and absolutely no watches, rings, necklaces, spectacles or contact lenses.



* Pace-makers

* Heart failure;

* Active inflammatory-type degenerative cardiopathy

* Tuberculosis;

* Epilepsy;

* Not advisable in cases of active infections

* In the presence of open wounds

* In the event of inebriation, or on an empty or over-full stomach

*Many thanks to Happy Sauna for providing the information


N.B. Entry to the Wellness Centre must be booked with Reception, preferably in the morning for the afternoon and in the afternoon for the next morning. In any case, book at least 2 hours before the time you would like to go, so that the normal cleaning procedures can take place and the plant started up.


*Many thanks to Happy Sauna for providing the information




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